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Common Budgerigar

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Description: 7 inches (18cm). Green with yellow forehead and cheeks. Horizontal black and yellow bands on back. Cere blue in male, brown in female. Many mutations. Immature Budgies may show barring on head down to cere. Beaks of newly fledged may be dark, their eyes solid lacking white irises.

Additional Info

  • Common Names:

    Common pet parakeet
    Shell parakeet

  • Scientific Name: Melopsittacus undulatus
  • Natural Distribution: The Budgie is found in Australia, except eastern coastal areas and Tasmania. Nomadic by nature. Brought to Europe in 19th century, now one of most popular of all cage birds.
  • Habitat: Grassland with a few trees, close to water. In dry spells millions of budgerigars gather in watery areas. Travels in nomadic flocks. Nests in tree hollows, such as eucalyptus knotholes. Brooding period dependent on food supply (rainy season). Collects seeds from ground vegetation including grasses and weeds.
  • Diet: Millet, canary grass seeds, oats, greenstuff, carrots, sweet apples.
  • Special Needs: Indoor birds need iodine.
  • Life Span: 5 – 8 y (Adult, In captivity), 21 y on average (In captivity)
  • Cage Life: Budgies are inexpensive, easy to care for. Most common bird species in captivity. Sociable, quick to tame, and can prove a talented talker. Keep in pairs, or dolls and other toys serve as substitute partners. Large cage with gauge, daily free flight in the room. Nest box from poplar or birch, which should be removed in August to prevent attempts to rear chicks during colder months; replace the following spring.
  • Cage Size: 18w X 24l X 18h inches
  • Breeding Information

  • Breeding Box Size: 250mm high x 210mm wide x 153mm deep
  • Male Identificaton: Blue Cere
  • Female Identification: Brown or White cere
  • Eggs: 4-8
  • Hatching / Incubation: 18 Days
  • Fledging: 20 Days
  • Mutations

  • Mutations:

    White (blue) series:
    0 dark factors = skyblue
    1 dark factors = cobalt
    2 dark factors = mauve

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